Have you ever thought about upgrading your ride’s look with a window tinting service? With some new tint on your car window, you can literally and physically make your car very much cooler. A reliable and professional window tint installation can keep solar heat away during those hot summer days and it can, at the same time, enhance its appearance to a more elegant and stylish look. You want the dark tinted windows for privacy but worry that the tint film will hinder your outbound visibility? With today’s technology, leave that worry out. If you are curious as to how to go about achieving this look and feel, read on and discover how much cooler a reliable and professional window tinting job can bring to your car.

Keep Cool From the Solar Heat

There are 4 types of window tint film that are popular within the industry. Dyed, metallized, carbon, and ceramic window tint film. Though all 4 types of window tint film does protect your car from the solar heat, a few of them have negative effects.

Dyed Window Tint Film : Dyed window tint film is the most economical type of window tint film. Though it does provide heat reduction, the protection of it is not particularly high and the dye itself will fade with time. Dyed window tint film is mostly used for appearance purposes.

Metallized Window Tint Film : Metallized window tint film is created by very small metallic particles that get embedded in the film. With this content installed on the window, the window will be much more shattered resistant. The metallic particles do help keep heat away by reflecting it away but one downfall of this tint film is that it tends to interfere with device reception.

Carbon Window Tint Film : Carbon window tint film is the next best window tinting there is. Unlike the dye window tint film, carbon window tint film will not fade. It also does not contain metallic particles that will interfere with your device’s reception. It does its job in protecting your vehicle’s interior from the harmful sun’s UV and heat.

Ceramic Window Tint Film : Ceramic is the highest quality of window tint film there is. It contains ceramic particles that are both non-conductive and non-metallic. Installing ceramic window tint will not affect the functioning of radios, cellphones, and other devices that are being operated inside of the vehicle. The maximum efficiency of those devices will still function with the film applied. You know the light rays that can cause sun burns and contribute to cancer? Ceramic window tinting film can block up to 99% of that from entering the interior of your vehicle.

All 4 of the window tint films protect your car from the heat. It is just a matter of what your preference is. Any one of the selections will still provide an elegant and stylish look to your car and it will definitely keep your ride cool during those hot summer days.

Look Cool From Afar
Getting a reliable and professional window tinting job done can enhance the look of your car and it will make you stand out from the rest. Having darker windows to shield your identity from the world makes outsiders curious. It is only natural to look and see who is driving the car with the tinted window and admire it from afar.

Visibility at its Clearest
You want to get tinted windows but am afraid that you will not be able to see outside of the windows in the dark? You’re not alone. Hear this out though. Window tinting shops have the abilities to get you the perfect window tint for your car without reducing outbound visibility. In the past, it may have been difficult to achieve this, however, with the latest tools, techniques and window films developed, the clarity for outbound visibility is achievable. You can put all of your visibility worries aside for this one.

Privacy at it Finest
There is no doubt that having tinted windows on a car is a deterrent to thieves. If they have difficulty seeing if there are any valuables in your ride, they may decide it is not worth the risk to break in. You can thank your tinted windows for that. Not only are you looking cool out on the streets, you are most likely preventing yourself from becoming a victim of a break in. Who would have thought getting a window tint job could do so much?

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