Full car detail is a worthwhile investment for every owner who wants to keep their car at its showroom best, or at least look like it’s still new. Car detailing is different from regular car washing because it involves deep cleaning, polishing and buffing to take out stubborn stains or small scratches, with added engine cleaning. An expert automotive technician uses standard cleaning methods with specialized tools and appropriate cleaning agents to do a more professional clean. Here’s what to expect from a full car detail and how you can benefit from it.


The Benefits of Car Detailing 

Saves More Fuel and Promotes Peak Car Performance

You’ll get more fuel economy with a cleaner engine! It will require less power to run, which, in turn, improve gas mileage. You can also keep peak vehicle performance when your engine is free from grime and sludge. A professional car detailing service can prevent further car damage when it eliminates all accumulated dust, debris, and dirt that can reduce your car’s performance.

Improves Your Car’s Safety Conditions

Cleaning out any external obstruction gives you better road vision. Cleaner engines and wheels can also make you feel safer in the long term.

Makes Your Driving Environment a Whole Lot Healthier

There is no such thing as being too clean these days – you’ll have more peace of mind knowing that your interiors are not only spotless, but sanitized to CDC levels. Internal detailing also makes your car a more comfortable ride with better-looking upholstery and improved air quality.

Can Increase Your Vehicle’s Resale Value 

When the time comes that you want a better deal for your car, you can rely on a full auto detail to maintain your car’s paint job. Professionally cleaned interiors and beautifully restored leather seats can increase your resale value.

Better for the Environment

Auto detailing does a better job of cleaning your car compared to home washing because car detailing services often use less harmful cleaning agents. Most home detergents can soak to the ground – washing your car at home can also cause public drainage problems if you don’t know how to clean up well.


What Does Car Detailing Include?

Depending on your vehicle’s surface condition, your preference or your detailer’s choice, a car detail service uses a variety of techniques and products to do a complete job.


Exterior Auto Detailing

You’ll get an ample clean from the front to the back: your windows, tires, chrome trim, and other visible areas of your car’s exterior are extensively washed. The vehicle’s outer surface is restored to fix and remove scratches, paint peeling and flaking. Exterior detailing goes one step further by restoring your car’s original polish and applying paint sealant to protect a car’s new shine. 


Common exterior detailing services include:

– Tire dressing

– restoring headlights

– bumper repair

– polish protection and waxing

– glass treatment and glass chip repair

– professional wheel cleaning

– repainting the trim

– engine detailing 

– engine pressure cleaning

– overall paint touch up

Basic exterior detailing uses the following products (this is not an exhaustive list):

– buffing compounds for paint resurfacing and improving paint finish

– degreasers (the acid-free variety that breaks down soil and grime)

– detail clay (can be synthetic or natural, removes embedded pollutants/ contaminants from your car’s fiberglass, glass, metal and paint)

– detergents

– polishes and waxes

– dressings (non-silicone or silicon varieties, for tires and plastic trim)

– surfactants (used to effectively remove dirt by helping them bind to the cleaning mixture better)

– drying towels, various applicators and brushes

Typical outward auto detailing procedures include:

  • Manual Washing, with Drying: Technicians use a high powered spray over all exterior areas: rims, door jams, glass and other external components.
  • Clay Scrubbing: Claying is employed to get rid of surface pollutants and other residue that detergents can’t remove.
  • Polishing: Restoring of original shine or polish
  • Sealing Application: Waxing is done with additional sealant application


Interior Auto Detailing

With interior auto detailing, you’ll not only get an organized and clean interior, but you’ll also have the added protection of a professionally sanitized interior space. Your complete interior cabin will be vacuumed, steam cleaned and shampooed. You can also request additional polishing of non-porous areas. As a final touch, the cabin will be deodorized.

Typical interior services include:

– carpet and mat shampoo

– upholstery shampoo

– fabric treatment

– leather treatment

– trunk and cabin vacuuming

– wheel cleaning

– interior steam cleaning


Standard interior detailing uses the following products (but is not limited to):

– a vacuum and air compressors

– steam cleaner

– mat shampoo

– leather cleaner and conditioner

– saddle soap and leather soap


Standard Internal Auto Detailing Cleaning Steps:

Internal car cleaning requires more fine-tuned steps to make sure that the exhaust is free from allergen causing dust, the switches are clean as a whistle, and the windows are crystal clear. 


Your auto detailing service does:

  • Thorough Vacuuming: Headliners, the rear cargo space, shelf and trunk are vacuumed. Air compressors are then used to clean hard to reach areas. 
  • Steam Cleaning and Brushing: Mats and carpets are scrubbed thoroughly to eliminate accumulated stains. Steam cleaning of interior accessories follows. Carpets are then air-dried separately.
  • Glass Cleaning: Auto technicians use a glass cleaning agent to make windows spotless.
  • Leather Trimming: Next, all leather upholstery is cleaned with leather and saddle soap. Excess soap is then wiped down. Once dry, a leather conditioner is applied.
  • Repeat Wiping and Vacuuming: The cabin is re-vacuumed and wiped clean with a cloth soaked in cleaning detergent. The dashboard and windows are also wiped down for a second time.
  • Deodorizing/Perfuming: The auto detailing service sprays a deodorant to improve cabin smell.


Auto Detailing Near Me

After learning the many advantages of auto detailing, the question is – where to get car detailed? A professional car detailing service like Malibu Detailing can offer many affordable cleaning packages, no matter what condition your car is in. You can ask us for any extras that you want or to get a customized detailing job that suits your needs.